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We are Better Together


Being alone isn't a bad thing. It often serves as an opportunity to find refreshment through solitude. But we were not created for isolation, we were created for community. And here's why. 

When life happens, being alone is not good. And it's not just when life is difficult, painful, or sorrowful. These are obvious times when alone is not good. When there is no one to talk to, grieve with, or cry with. When there is no one to lean on or simply sit with. 

Being alone is also not good when you experience the joys of life. When there is no one to congratulate you on a goal accomplished, no one to stand in amazement when your dream becomes a reality, no one to simply grab a drink and shoot the breeze with on a warm, summer day. 

Relationships are important to our health and vibrancy as humans. We were created by God to be in community, first in vibrant relationship with himself and second, in vibrant relationships with each other. That's why we are committed to living life together, not just gathering together on Sundays, but being known and knowing others by gathering together weekly in a small group setting. 

Use the link below to search and discover one of our LifeGroups that meet all over the South Sound region in Olympia, Tumwater, Lacey, Shelton, Rochester, and DuPont. 


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