We see Harbor Church as a big family who loves Jesus and is dedicated to worship him with the whole of our lives. One way we worship is serving our church family and our mission with our time and talents. Serving isn’t about duty, it’s about delight as we respond to how Jesus has served us and as we serve we build deep relationships with people we love and care for. 

Serve With Your Time

One way we serve each other and our mission to lead people into a vibrant relationship with Jesus is by serving at our weekly Sunday worship gatherings. Most of our church family members serve in some way every week throughout a variety of ways that include welcoming people into our building, serving them coffee and tea, serving on our security team, teaching our kids, cleaning the building, serving communion, leading our music, and serving on our productions team. There are many more ways to serve with your time and we would love to help you find a place to serve that fits your unique abilities. 

Serve With Your Talent

We believe that everyone has been given unique talents and abilities by our Creator God to help make our church family a complete and functioning body. One of our primary goals is to help you identify what your talents are and where you might be able to use those to serve Jesus and his mission. Some of these areas include leading or hosting a Life Group, being trained as a biblical counselor, or leading a ministry team. 

Serve the City

Our local ministry efforts go far beyond the four walls of our church building as we also partner with like-minded ministries in our cities that are doing gospel work such as the Union Gospel Mission and City Gates Ministries that we would love to connect you with. We are consistently looking for ways to serve the people in our cities through our schools, our businesses, and our recreational activities that would help us serve the mission to lead people into a vibrant relationship with Jesus. One way we currently serve our community is in the area of foster care. We have two families currently serving as foster parents and continue to partner with Olive Crest in serving other families and kids throughout our region.

Serve the World

Our local involvement turns our hearts and eyes to God’s bigger, global mission to see people from all over the world experience his joy, hope, and salvation. We love supporting people and projects that we have a hands on connection with and currently support churches and ministries in both Mexico and Honduras as well as children in need through Compassion International. We also support Harbor Church members Matthew & Amanda Meeuwse, who have been called to serve Jesus through with their time, talent, and lives with HeliMissions in Indonesia. 

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