At Harbor Church we believe that Jesus died and rose victoriously, not just for us as individuals, but also for us together as his gathered and redeemed people whom he calls β€œThe Church.” This, along with the initial account of human creation found in the book of Genesis, tells us that we were created to live life together. Life together means having people to celebrate the joys of life as well as having people to walk with us in the hardships and trials of life.

Life together happens at Harbor Church through a variety of ways but the primary way we experience this is through our Life Groups. Life Groups are small groups of people that build relationships around the principle purpose of growing daily to be more like Jesus. Some Life Groups are built simply around relationships while others are built around life stages or life topics where people are able to build relationships around a common theme in their lives.

No matter what type of Life Group you find yourself in, the primary purpose of your Life Group is to help deepen your relationship with Jesus and with other people. We would love to help you find a Life Group to participate in.

Find a Life Group for You β†’