What Happens in Harbor Kids? Find out firsthand!

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We love creating an over the
top experience for our kids!

 During all of our worship gatherings we have special events for all kids ages 10 and under happening in our Harbor Kids area of our building.
Most of the time you check your kids in before one of our gatherings and let them enjoy playing, singing, and learning about Jesus in a kid-friendly environment with teachers who love to engage our kids with the love of Jesus.
But for the month of June you have the great opportunity to see firsthand what makes Harbor Kids so great!

The Harbor Kids Team would love to invite you to come spend one service in a classroom and see for yourself the fun and discipleship that happens every Sunday.

We are inviting everyone to experience a hands-on kids ministry experience for 3 reasons,
1. To pray more purposefully for our kids, and Harbor Kids Teams Volunteers.
2. To give generously to support the life changing work being done in our Kids lives.
3. To serve sacrificially as the Holy Spirit leads.


This is only happening for the month of June and space is limited.

Register today to save your spot!

Volunteer Spotlight: Levi Hoeniges, Production Department


"Through good work we can see all the good work that has already been completed for us." 

1. How long have you been a part of Harbor church? 
"Been going to Harbor since June of 2015"

2. What made you decide to be a part of Harbor Production dept?
"What attracted me to it initially was being part of a ministry team that took some of the creatively inclined folks (both music and production) in the church and set them within the structure of the service."
While service can certainly go on without coffee, music, slides and lights even, we are the conduit that helps get people’s spirits geared toward the word, by saturating them with love."

3.Can you tell me some ways God you've seen God work in and through you/your ministry team?
"When I queue the lights, switch slides at the appropriate times and make sure everything else is functioning properly the service will be seamless and people may not even know I’m there. There’s something quite special about that because the bigger idea is that it’s not about me and my work. Rather, it’s about perpetuating Christ’s work through us with what little time we have here."

4. If someone asked you why they should join a ministry team at Harbor church, what would you tell them?
"I may be soft spoken, but I can be also quite egocentric. Volunteering in my role has opened me up to where my heart lies, and where God directs me to go next. Through good work we can see all the good work that has already been completed for us. "

5. How can we as a church, be praying for you as you serve in Harbor Production?
"More volunteers! Seriously though, I pray that God continually guide our hearts and minds so we can help those who attend our gatherings the same."


Thank you so much Levi for serving at Harbor Church so faithfully! Let's continue to pray for our current volunteers and for those God is calling to join the team at Harbor Church Olympia. 


Sermon June 17th, 2018


Elder candidate, Caleb Stone, continues our Sermon on the Mount series speaking on the topic of prayer.

What is prayer really about?
Is it simply about asking for things that are beyond our capacity or is there something deeper, something trans-formative about our prayers?

Below you'll find the sermon audio and transcript.

"Good morning, guys, it's an honor to be here, with each number one of you. I love this church, and I'm humbled that I have the opportunity to open God's word to you with that said. I cannot do that in my own strength. So would you go with me in prayer once again, Father, we are humbled, we adore you, we are overwhelmed at your magnitude and at your holiness, and that you're hear with us. Would you open our eyes to see in our ears to hear the glory of Your word, the glory of Jesus Christ? I pray that our hearts would be enlightened by your word Father and that I would only say what your word says and be with me, be with us and let your word minister to our hearts in Jesus mighty name, man........................etc............................

"Let's pray Our God and Father we give you glory. You are majestic, you are holy, you remind you are lifted up high on your throne in Heaven, and we are amazed at you and your glory. So would you cultivate in us prayer? That is God, exalt-. ing and God, God praising to give you all the glory, all the praise that we would see that we would seek Your kingdom, in your will, first, in all things be added. And those things, not even be in the forefront of our mind because God is all... we need pre-over everyone here in Jesus' name, amen."

Harbor Weekly


Sermon on the Mount: "Prayer"

This Sunday, we have a special guest speaker. One of our elder candidates, Caleb Stone, will be preaching going through Matthew 6:5-15, which contains the famous "Lord's Prayer." Read ahead and pray that God would prepare us to                                                                        hear and receive the preaching of his                                                                          word. 


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The Members Gathering is coming up!
Every quarter, the board of directors of Harbor Church holds a gathering on a Sunday evening in order for the covenant members of our church family to eat together and hear an update about from our leadership team. We do this because the members should care about how we are stewarding our time, talent, and resources here at Harbor Church and also because we need to hear often the vision and mission to ensure we are aiming for a common objective.
While these gatherings are specifically for our church members, we do invite all Harbor guests and regular attenders to join us in the hopes that you'll take the steps toward becoming a covenant member of our church family. 

Click here to RSVP for the Members Gathering

Upcoming Events


Current Sermon Series
     • The Sermon on the Mount
        (Matthew 5-7)
     • Text this Sunday: Matthew 6:5-15



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Church Member's Gathering
     • Sunday, June 24th, 5:00pm-7:00pm
     • Potluck Dinner at 5:00pm
     • Update from our Leadership Team           (finances, building, vision, summer           strategy)

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Membership Class
     • Sunday, July 15th, 3:30pm-7:00pm
     • Make Harbor Church your Spiritual           Family
     • Access Training and Opportunities           for Local & Global Ministry
     • RSVP at www.harbormembership.com